John Harris Library is organised into four major divisions namely:
* Administrative Division,
* Readers’ Services Division,
* Technical Services Division and
* Branch Libraries Division.

The Administrative Division is responsible for personnel recruitment, discipline, welfare, budgeting, library development – planning and equipping of library offices and buildings – updating the existing facilities, preparation of statistics, reports, memoranda, etc.


The Readers’ Services Division comprises:
* the Circulation Section,
* the Reference Section,
* the Special Collections Section, and
* the Reserved Collection Unit / Textbook Collection Unit.

Circulation Section
This Section is mainly responsible for shelving and shelf-reading of collections in the Open Access area, library users’ registration, checking out and checking in of books (borrowing and returning of books), and staff and students’ library clearance.

Reference Section
This Section basically renders assistance to library patrons by providing them with answers to online/offline queries and assist/guide users on their research.

Special Collections Section
This Section houses publications of government and non-governmental agencies, theses and dissertations and the heritage collection.

Textbook Collections Unit
This Unit houses a collection of recommended course materials in the various courses offered in the University of Benin. It serves as a reserve for library materials, especially heavily used materials in order to ensure that most users needs are needs are met.

The Technical Services Division comprises:
* the Acquisitions Section,
* the Bindery OR Binding Section
* the Cataloguing and Classification Section,
* the IT Unit, and
* the Serials Section

Acquisitions Section
This Section is responsible basically for the acquisition of all library books. The Section is also responsible for the reception and preliminary processing of books donated to the library.

This Section provides facilities for the preservation of books and journals, not only for the library, but also for all library users and outsiders. It also binds students’ projects, theses and dissertations, etc.

Cataloguing and Classification Section
The Cataloguing Section is responsible for the organisation (cataloguing and classification) and management of all library resources. Resources which come into the library in different formats and disciplines are sorted out and organised in this Section for quick and easy storage and retrieval.

IT Unit
This Unit manages all electronic and digital activities of the library, including e-learning and training, software installation and management, hardware installation and maintenance, network architecture and management, and database management. Included in the IT Unit are the Donald Partridge e-Learning Centre and the MTN Foundation / NetLibrary UniversitiesConnect e-Library.

Serials Section
This Section acquires, organises and houses all serials/periodical publications in the library – bulletins, dailies (newspapers), journals, magazines, newsletters, etc.